Final Update: Jan 6, 2022 | Companies listed: 94


Company Drugs, Targets, Platforms Therapeutic Areas, Indications Lead Phase
Immix Biopharma, Inc.Polykinase inhibitor (polyphenol curcuminoid complex), apoptosis inducer (PEG-PE doxorubicin complex) GLUT-1 scFvSoft tissue sarcoma, solid tumors, CRC, IBDI/II
Bionomics Limitedalpha-7 nAChR negative allosteric modulator, alpha-7 nAChR positive allosteric modulator, Nav1.7/1.8 inhibitors, Kv3.1/3.2 activatorsPTSD, Social anxiety disorder, cognitive deficits in Alzheimer'sII
Genenta Science S.p.A.Tie2-expressing monocytes, ex-vivo HSPC transduction with lentiviral vectors (Tie-2 promoter+transgene payloads) IFN-a Glioblastoma multiforme, solid tumors + hematologic malignanciesI/IIa
NeuroSense Therapeutics Ltd.Formulation of ciprofloxacin and celecoxibALS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson'sII
Cingulate, Inc.Timed-release formulations of dexmethylphenidate, dextroamphetamineADHD, anxietyIII
Intensity Therapeutics, Inc.Cell-penetration enhancer (8-((2-hydroxybenzoyl)amino)octanoate) combined with cisplatin and vinblastineAdvanced soft tissue sarcoma, breast cancer (early-stage, TNBC), CRC, bile duct, pancreatic, squamous cell, hepatic cancersII+
Nuvectis Pharma, Inc.Synthetic lethality, oral HSF1 inhibitor, oral SRC/YES1 kinase inhibitorAdvanced solid tumors (ovarian clear cell carcinoma, endometrioid ovarian carcinoma, ARID1a mutated tumors)I
Vaxxinity, Inc.B-cell epitopes linked to T helper cell peptide carriers. Aggregated Aβ, aggregated a-synuclein, anti-tau, CGRP, PCSK9, SARS-CoV-2 virusAlzheimer's, Parkinson's, DLB, MSA, Migraine, Hypercholesterolemia, Covid-19 II
IO Biotech, Inc.Immuno-oncology, IDO, PD-L1, Arginase 11L advanced melanoma, 1L solid tumors (+pembrolizumab), neo-adjuvant solid tumors, solid tumorsII+
Evotec SEiPSC-derived cell therapy, GABA-A, P2X3, CDK7, P2X7, mTORC1/2, 5-HT1A, CB2, A2A, VEGFR3, eIF2b, numerous partneredInsomnia, chronic cough, overactive bladder, neuropathic pain, endometriosis, oncology, gynaecology, oncology, Pemphigus Vulgaris, OCD, painIII
Aura Biosciences, Inc.Virus-like drug conjugatesPrimary choroidal melanoma, Choroidal metastases, SCC, melanoma, non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, HSPG-expressing tumorsII+
Entrada TherapeuticsExon 44 skipping oligonucleotide, exon 45 skipping oligonucleotide, CUG steric blocker, GYS1 knockdown, CD33 exon 2 skipper, IRF5 knockdown, B-catenin degrading antibody, ENTR-501 enzyme DMD, Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1, Pompe, neurodegenerative diseases, inflammatory, solid tumors, MNGIEPreclin
Xilio TherapeuticsAnti-CTLA4 (protease-dependent activity for TME), modified recombinant cytokines (IL-2, IL-12, IL-15)Solid tumorsI
Ventyx BiosciencesTyk2, S1P1R, NLRP3 oral inhibitorsPsoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, Crohn's disease, Ulcerative colitisII
Context TherapeuticsProgesterone receptor antagonist, CLDN6xCD3 bsAb, Sigma1mBCa (1L, 2L/3L), Granulosa Cell Tumor, Recurrent Endometrial, Gyn cancersII
MiNK Therapeutics, Inc.iNKT cell therapySolid tumors, MM, GvHD, COVID-19 ARDSI
AEON BiopharmaInjectable botulinum toxinCervical dystonia, migraine preventionII
Cognition TherapeuticsTMEM97 (σ-2 antagonist)Alzheimer's, Dementia, dry AMD, synucleinopathiesII
Pyrix OncologyAnti EDB, Anti-DLK1, Anti-CD123 ADCsSolid/hematological malignanciesPreclin
Theseus Pharmaceuticalspan-variant TKIs (KIT, EGFR)GIST, NSCLC (single-, double- triple-mutant EGFR)IND
ExscientiaAI/data analytics, 5-HT1AOCDI
DICE TherapeuticsIL-17, integrin inhibitors (a4b7, avbx)Psoriasis, IL-17 mediated chronic immunological disorders, IBD, fibrosis, oncologyIND
Tyra BiosciencesFGFR3 (V555) FGFR2, RET, FGFR4Oncology, bladder, bile duct, solid tumors, achondroplasia, NSCLC, thyroid, liverPreclin
Pasithea TherapeuticsIV KetaminePsychiatric, neurological disorders (MDD, TRD, PTSD)R&D
Pharmacyte BiotechEncapsulated genetically engineered live cells implantsPancreatic, abdominal cancers, type 1/2 diabetesII
Dermata TherapeuticsSpongilla lacustris-derived compounds Acne, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Hyperhidrosis, AestheticsII
RenovoRxTargeted delivery of chemotherapyPancreatic, HCCAIII
Tango TherapeuticsPRMT5 MTA-cooperative inhibitor, USP1 inhibitorMTAP-deleted cancers, BRCA-1 mutant cancersPreclin
Eliem Therapeutics PEA prodrug, GABAA PAM positive allosteric modulator, Kv7Diabetic nephropathic pain, lumbosacral pain, major depressive disorder, pain, epilepsy,IIa
Adagio TherapeuticsAntibodiesCOVID, InfluenzaII/III
Omega TherapeuticsHNF4A, CXCL1-8, MYC, SFRP1Liver regeneration, COVID, IPF, HCC, NSCLC, SCLC, alopeciaPreclin
Immuneering Corp. Dual MEK, KRAS4B, PI3K-alphaKRAS cancers, oncology, Alzheimer'sI
Tenaya Therapeutics, Inc.AAV, HDAC6i MYBPC3, PKP2, DWORFgHCM, gARVC, HFrEF, HFpEF heart failure, gDCM cardiomyopathyPreclin
Icosavax, Inc.RSV, hMPV bivalent VLP vaccine candidatesRSV, COVIDI
Rallybio Corp.Polyclonal HPA-1a, C5 inhibitor affibody-ABD fusion, pegylated affibody C5, ENPP1Prevention of FNAIT, PNH, gMG, HPPI+
Nuvalent, Inc.Brain-penetrant ROS1-selective inhibitorROS1 NSCLC, ALK NSCLC, HER2 NSCLCIND
Context TherapeuticsExtended release onapristone, Anti-CD3xClaudin 6 (CLDN6)Breast cancer, ovarian, endometrialII
Candel TherapeuticsOncolytic viruses - adenovirus, HSVPC, Glioma, NSCLC, pancreaticIII
Elicio Therapeutics, Inc.mKRAS, TLR9, CD19, ALK, COVPDAC, CRC, NSCLC, hematological, COVIDI
Caribou BiosciencesCAR T, iPSC derived CAR-NKAllogeneic anti-CD19 CAR T, anti-BCMA CART, CAR-iNKI
AbSci Corp.AI-
HCW Biologics Inc.Bifunctional fusion protein complex, TGFB, SASPPancreatic, solid tumors, pulmonary fibrosis, alopcia areataIND
Erasca, Inc.ERK, SHP2, EGFR, KRAS G12C, RAS-GTP, KRAS G12D, ULK, RAS/MAPK, EGFR D2/D3RAS/MAPK altered solid tumors, EGFRm altered NSCLC, FLT3m, GBMII
TScan TherapeuticsCAR T TCRs HA-1 and HA-2 specific AML, MDS, ALL, HNSCC, cervical, anal, NSCLC, melanomaPreclin
Imago BioSciences, Inc.LSD1 inhibitorThrombocytopenia, myelofibrosis, polycythemia vera, hemoglobinopathies, solid tumorsII
Unicycive Therapeutics Prodrug of nicorandil , lanthanum-based phosphate binding agentAKI
Transcode Therapeutics, Inc.RNA therapeutics, miR-10bOncologyIND
Acumen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Anti-amyloid-beta oligomer (AβO) antibodyAD/Alzheimer'sI
Aerovate Therapeutics, Inc.Inhaled imatinibPAH
Elevation Oncology, Inc.Anti-HER3NRG1 fusion tumorsII+
Graphite Bio, Inc.Gene editing HSC, B globin, IL2RG, CCR5SCD, XSCID cure, Gaucher
GH Research plc5-MeO DMT psychedelicTreatment resistant depression TRD
Acurx Pharmaceuticals, LLCAntibioticsBacteria
Monte Rosa TherapeuticsGSPT1, CDK2, NEK7, VAV1, BCL11A targeted protein degradationMYC cancers, ovarian, uterine, BC, inflammatory diseasesPre-IND
Cyteir Therapeutics Synthetic lethality, RAD51 inhibitor Solid tumors, hematologic malignancies I/II
Ambrx BiopharmaAnti-HER2 ADC, Anti-PSMA ADC, anti-CD70 ADC, PEG-IL-2, Anti-CD3 folate bis, TLR agonist ADC, Gastric/GEJ cancer, solid tumors, mCRPC, NSCLC, ovarian, RCC, NHL, AMLIII
ATAI Life Sciences B.V.PsychedelicsPsychiatric
Century Therapeutics, Inc. Allogeneic iPSC-derived NK and T cell therapy, CD19, CD133 x EGFR, CD19 x CD79bOncologyPreclin
Verve Therapeutics PCSK9, ANGPTL3Heterozygous familial hypercholesteremia, familial HCSIND
Lyell Immunopharma, Inc. Epigenetic reprogramming CAR t cellsROR1+ NSCLC, NY-ESO-1
Molecular Partners AGFAP x 4-1BB, FAPxCD40, CD3xCD33xCD70xCD123, T cell engagersOncology, COVID, nAMD, DME I
Alzamend Neuro Lithium, mutant peptide vaccine for ADDementia related to AD
Janux Therapeutics, Inc. PSMA x CD3, EGFR x CD3, TROP2 x CD3, PD-L1 x CD28 bispecificsmCRPC, CRC, TNBC, UC, NSCLC, Solid tumorsIND
Centessa Pharmaceuticals plc Vasopressin V2R, Protein C, Anti-EGFR, A1AT folding corrector, Anti-LIGHT, anti-BDCA2, CD47 lockbody, OX2R agonist, Dual STAT3/5 degrader, EGFR-ex20, EGFR-C797SAutosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, hemophilia A, B, cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, PAH, IPF, systemic sclerosis, SLE, solid tumors, narcolepsy, AML, NSCLCIII
Day One Biopharmaceuticals Holding Co pan-RAF inhibitor, MEK1/2 inhibitorrelapsed pLGG, RAF-altered solid tumors, MAPK-altered solid tumorsII
Vera Therapeutics, Inc. Anti-BLyS x APRIL (recombinant TACI) (licensed from Merck/atacicept)IgA nephropathyIIb
Anebulo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. CB1 antagonistCannibinoid intoxication
Talaris Therapeutics Autologous cells reprogrammedSolid organ transplantation, severe autoimmune disease
Gyroscope TherapeuticsGene therapy, complementDry AMD, GA II
Valneva SE VaccinesLyme, COVID, ZIKA, C Dificil
Vaccitech plc HBV, MERSVaccines, oncology
Werewolf Therapeutics, Inc. IL-2 conditionally activated, IL-12, IFNaTumorsIND
Rain Therapeutics Inc. MDM2 inhibitorLipsarcoma, intimal sarcoma, HRD+ tumorsIII
Recursion Pharmaceuticals AI DATA ANALYTICS, MEK1/2, PKC and GSK3B, HDAC, superoxide scavenger, Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), GM2 gangliosidosis, neurofibromatosis type 2, cerebral cavernous malformation, Batten, Charcot-Marie-Tooth, STK11-mutant NSCLCI+
Biomea Fusion Menin inhibitor, precision oncologyMenin-dependent cancersIND
Reneo Pharmaceuticals PPAR agonistPrimary mitochondrial myopathies, long-chain fatty acid disorders, glyocgen storage disease type VII
VectivBio Holding AG Apraglutide (GLP-2 analog full agonist)Short bowel syndrome, aGVHDIII
Achilles TherapeuticsPersonalised CAR TNSCLC, Melanoma, HNSCC, RCC
Design TherapeuticsGeneTAC DNA binding Friedreich ataxia FA, Myotonic dystrophy type IPreclin
Edgewise TherapeuticsFast skeletal muscle myosin inhibitorDMD, LGMD, CardiacI
Ikena OncologyTEAD, ERK5, AHR, Kynurenine, EP4,Hippo-mutated cancers, KRAS mutant, solid tumors, biomarker enriched MSS CRCI
IN8BioAutologous Gamma-delta T cells CARSolid tumors, GBM
Lava TherapeuticsGamma-delta T cell engagersr/r CLL, MM, AML, mCRPC, solid tumorsI
Finch Therapeutics GroupProbioticsRecurrent C. dificile, UC, Crohn's, Autism, Chronic HBVII+
Instil BioTIL Manufacturing Melanoma, NSCLC, HNSCC, Cervical, CSCC, GYNII
Gain TherapeuticsGLB1 gene GBA1 gene IDUA gene GALC geneGM1 gangliosidosis, Gaucher, Parkinson's, MPS type I, KrabbeLead Op
Terns PharmaceuticalsFXR agonist, VAP-1 inhibior, THR-B agonist, GLP-1R agonistNASHIia
Angion HGF mimetic, TKI, ROCK2 inhibitor, CYP11B2 inhibitorAcute kidney injury (transplant), cardiac surgery-acute kidney injury, ARDS, acute CNS-related injury, FibrosisIII
NanobiotixRadioenhancer nanomedicineOncology
Bolt BiotherapeuticsTLR7/8 agonist-trastuzumab conjugate, Anti-HER2, Anti-CEA, Anti-PD-L1, Anti-TAMHER2+ BC, HER2+ GC, HER2 low BC, NSCLC, CRC, Pancreatic, checkpoint-inhibitor refractory tumors, KRAS/TP53 mutant tumorsI/II
Sensei BiotherapeuticsImmunophage ASPH, HPV-specific E6/E7, Phage, Anti-VISTAASPH+ 1L HNSCC +pembrolizumab, neoadjuvant HNSCC + durvulumab, Merkel cell carcinomaII
Immunocore HoldingsRecombinant TCRs - gp100 antigen, MAGE-A4 antigen, PRAME antigen, NY-ESO antigen, HBV Env, HIV gag Uveal melanoma, NSCLC, gastric, HNSCC, ovarian, synovial sarcoma, breast, endometrial, ovarian, SCLC, HBV, HIVBLA
Longboard Pharmaceuticals5-HT2c agonist, CB2 agonist, S1p receptorEpileptic encephalopathies (Dravet, Lennox-Gastaut), ALS, NeuroinflammationI
Prometheus BiosciencesAnti-TL1A, Anti-TNF super family, GPCR modulatorUC, CD, IBDI