Krystal Biotech

Published: July 2023

Background & Management. Financing Activity. HSV-1 vectors. Dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (DEB). Vyjuvek (B-VEC). Clinical data summary. DEB market. Management of DEB. Prevalence & Incidence of DEB. Forecasting Vyjuvek sales. Vyjuvek competition. Jeune Aesthetics. Pipeline (KB105, KB407, KB408, KB707, KB104). Valuation.

Immunocore PLC

Published: August 2022

History of Immunocore and T cell technology. Management. T cell immunology and TCRs. The ImmTAC/ImmTAV/ImmTAX platform. Tebentafusp (KIMMTRAK), its data, approval and commercialization. The uveal melanoma market and global pipeline. IMC-C103C and MAGE-A4. IMC-F106C and PRAME. IMC-109V and Hepatitis B virus. Chronic Hepatitis B (CHB). The global pipeline in CHB. IMC-M113V and HIV. Treatment challenges to HIV. Patents.

Foghorn Therapeutics

Published: March 2022

History. Background. Management. Ownership. Pipeline. FHD-286. BAF complexes. Opportunity of BAF inhibitors. AML. Metastatic uveal melanoma. FHD-286 pre-clinical data. FHD-286 clinical development. FHD-609. Synovial sarcoma. FHD-609 pre-clinical data. FHD-609 clinical development. Pre-clinical. BRM inhibition/degradation. ARID1B degrader. Competition. LOXO and Merck collaborations. Key intellectual property.

Prelude Therapeutics

Published: August 2021

Background. Management. Ownership. Pipeline. PRT543. PRMT5. PRMT5 inhibitors. PRT543 data. PRT811. PRT1419. Apoptosis. MCL-1 inhibitors. PRT1419 data. PRT2527. CDK9 inhibition. CDK9 competition. PRT2527 data. PRT-SCA2. SMARCA2 degraders. Patents.

Forma Therapeutics

Published: July 2021

History. Management. Historical patent search. Ownership. Pipeline. Etavopivat. Overview of SCD. PKR activators. Mitapivat. AG-946. SCD competition. FT-7051. AR-v7 splice variant CRPC. CBP/p300. Competition. Olutasidenib. mIDH1 competition. FT-8225. Out-licensed programs. Key intellectual property.

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